Opening Hours

Open 7:00am – 1pm 7 Days

Open 5pm – 10pm Friday  –  Sunday


7am – 1pm 7 days a week


5:30pm – 10pm Friday  –  Sunday


Serving from 10am

Brunch Menu

Banana Bread $10

Warm banana bread with cultured butter


Monday Food Co. Granola $14

Served with natural yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit


Zucchini & Pea Fritters (GF) $19

Served with crème fraiche, smoked salmon, poached egg and herbs


Super Brekky Bowl (GF) (V) $18

Brown rice, kale, beans, broccoli, peas, poached egg,
dukkah and sauerkraut


Pancakes (V) $10

Served with warm banana caramel and whipped cream


Scrambled Free Range Eggs (V) $17

Served with pumpkin, pesto and fetta on charred sourdough


House Baked Beans Optional (GF) (V) $18

Served with poached eggs, grilled chorizo, tomato relish,
charred sourdough and herbs


Turkish Sandwich $16

Bacon, eggs, fresh tomato, rocket, relish, cheese and mayo
Swap bacon for haloumi $16


Add to order

Spinach $3

Bacon $3

Haloumi $3

Egg $2.5

Tomato $2

Mushroom $3

Avocado $2.5

Freshly Baked

Dinner & Bar Snacks

Pan-Fried Fish $30

Served with wakame greens, chilli jam and pickled shitake


Braised Beef Cheeks $26

Served with crushed parsnips and a herb crumb


Herb & Goats Cheese Gnocchi $22

With sage burnt butter and parmesan cheese


Pulled Chicken $24

With charred eggplant, roasted capsicum and caper berries Served with an olive and herb salad


Toffee-Crusted Raspberry Créme Brülée $12

Served with a sable biscuit


Charred Sourdough (DF) (V) $6

Sunday Sustainable Bakery sourdough served with olive oil
and dukkah


Steamed Greens (V) $10
Served with tahini dressing and seeds


Crispy Kipfler Potatoes (DF) (GF) $10

Served with aioli and ketchup


Mac & Cheese Croquettes (V) $12

Served with house-made hot sauce


Sticky Asian Style Chicken wings (DF) (GF) $12

Served with fried shallots, sesame and fresh herbs




Pickled Calamari Jar (DF) $12

Served with charred sourdough


Twice cooked Lamb Ribs $14

Served with chimichurri

Cocktail Hour

Drinks Menu


Our house blend is locally roasted by the talented folk at Moonshine Coffee


Small $3.5    Large $4.5
Milk Alternatives (Bonsoy, Almond, Coconut) $1

Extra Shot 50c

Decaf 50c


Tullys Hot Chocolate $4.5

African Red Drinking Chocolate served with your choice of milk


Iced Chocolate $4.5

African Red Drinking Chocolate served over ice


Iced Coffee $4.5

Espresso served over ice


Mayde Tea $4.5

Organic range of tea is sourced & blended locally by Mayde Tea specifically created in harmony with body & the environment


English Breakfast

A traditional blend of organic black tea


Earl Grey

Organic black tea blended with the invigorating citrus of Bergamont


Green Sencha, Jasmine & Rose

Rich in antioxidants and immune boosting



A rejuvenating caffeine free blend of herbs and fruit



Earthy & aromatic herbs to soothe the stomach and aid digestion


Chai Latte $5

An organic blend of aromatic spices & black tea served with your choice of milk


Dandelion Latte $4.5

Roasted organic Dandelion root served with your choice of milk